Tents are the major section in both this catalogue and in the total value of the quartermaster’s equipment. The main cause of damage to tents is mildew, which sets in rapidly if the tent is put away when still wet, or even damp. If a tent is not bone dry when it is packed at camp, please tell us.
Choose the right tent for the terrain – do not expect a frame tent pitched at the top of a Welsh mountain in winter to survive very long!
Also, Hike tents are for just that, not for a lazy way of pitching a base camp.

Both metal poles and wooden ridge poles are very vulnerable if the tent ‘collapses’ during pitching or striking.

All tents are supplied with a bag of pegs, which has the tent type, the number and size of pegs for that tent written on the side.

Mallets, groundsheets, and any flysheets required will need to be ordered separately.