The Silva is the normal compass for most work, we have large PA and small PB sizes, all of which have whistles attached.
We have large stocks of plastic map cases PD but these do not last long, so take care of them – please don’t fold them more than necessary!
The survival bags PG are large heavy duty bags for use in emergencies, rather than for tobogganing.

  • PA0 Compass, Silva 3, Large. With orange plastic whistle & wrist cord. Total 10
  • PB0 Compass, Silva 7/8, Small. With orange plastic whistle & wrist cord. Total 8
  • PD0 Map cases, Green, Total 12
  • PE0 Kit Rucsacs, Green/Grey. Useful for carrying/storing climbing gear etc. Total 2
  • PG0 Survival bags, orange. Total 19
  • PH0 Sleeping Bags, Nylon, Total 2
  • PL0 High Visibility Vests. Ideal for night hikes. Various sizes, Child->Giant. Total 65
    PL0 PL0A
  • OA0 OS Map 177, East London 1:50K, Total 6
  • OB0 OS Map, Custom Orpington, 1:25K, Total 5
  • OC0 OS Map 162, Greenwich & Gravesend 1:25K, Total 6
  • OD0 OS Map 147, Sevenoaks & Tonbridge 1:25K, Total 6
  • OZ0 OS Maps, Various 1:50K & 1:25K