Other Items

  • PJ0 Storage Sacks, Large. Useful for light, non-sharp equipment
  • PK0 Benches, collapsible, 6′ long folding benches, wood. Total 10.
  • PM0 Union Jacks, various. Total 3
  • PN1 Hammock
  • PP1 Stretcher, Collapsible
  • PQ2 First Aid Kit, Small. Small first aid kit in 10″x8″x2″ plastic case
  • PR1 Flag pole, collapsible. Complete flag pole kit. 22′ high. Folds to 6′
  • PS1 Belt Bag. Two Pockets, Green
  • PT1 Camp Bed
  • PU0 Benches, collapsible 6′ long folding benches, aluminium. Total 6
  • PV0 Hand Bell, Loud
  • PX1 Klaxon, VERY loud Hand operated
  • PY0 Karrimats, various
  • XA2 Number Squares 1-9 For “Magic Square” type stunt.
  • XA3 Plastic Pyramids For outdoor stunts. Self assembly. Balance a ball in the dog bowl on the top, make up a tricky course…
  • XA4 Dog Bowls Use with XA3
  • XA5 Wooden Maze, 6’x3′ Needs a team member on each corner and some coordination to move a snooker ball through the maze. Total 2.
  • XA6 Synchronised Walking Boards For a team of four.
  • XB1 Stand to use a 50 gallon oil drum as a BBQ Heavy duty
  • XC1 Video Projector, Hitachi CP-X327
  • XC2 Label Maker, Brother Ptouch 1250
  • YL1 Propane Dual adaptors, brass. Various designs.
  • YM1 Camping Gaz-Calor Adaptors
  • YQ0 White Boards, 35″x23″, Total: 4
  • YR0 Workmen’s Helmets
  • YS1 Forestry Helmet
  • WI0 Buoyancy Jacket, 11-13 Stone Weight Range
  • WJ0 Life jackets, various
  • WK0 Buoyancy jackets, 6-10 Stone weight range
Gas Cylinders

Gas, Paraffin and Methylated spirits are charged by use.

  • YA0 Propane, “Calor”, 3.9Kg, Small Orange cylinders
  • YB0 Propane, “Calor”, 13Kg, Large Orange cylinders
  • YC0 Propane, “Calor”, 6Kg, Medium Orange cylinders
  • YD0 Butane, “Camping Gaz”, 2.7Kg
  • YE0 Butane, “Calor”, 15Kg, Large Blue cylinders
  • YI1 Paraffin, various
  • YI2 Methylated spirits
  • YN0 Butane, “Camping Gaz” Disposable cylinders