Tanzania 2014




The Scorpions joined with the Dulwich Explorers for this amazing trip to Tanzania. The trip consisted of 28 Explorers and a leadership team of 8

Leadership Team

Tim Birse, Duncan Helicar, Robert Lamb, Caroline Boxall, Julia Robinson, Enna Mwendwa, Kat Dungan and Mark Hudson

The trip involved building a play ground in Chitemo and Nyanilha, painting the dormitories and helping in lessons at Queen Esther’s school before a week of various activities

The program is as follows

Saturday 19 July 

Meet Gatwick by 8 am for 1005 departure. 3½ hour change in Istanbul Everyone

Sunday 20 July

Arrive in Tanzania 0235.  Camp in garden by beach. Purchasing team out into town to buy some supplies only available in Dar with the cook.  Catch up with sleep, swim in Indian Ocean, campfire on beach.


Monday 21 July

Very early start, get on the buses at 5.00am after a coffee.  Sleep on the way Breakfast At Chalinze.  Carry on to Mpwapwa.  Lunch somewhere on the way – cooks to sort out.  Split into two groups: Check in to Ark Hotel in Mpwapwa.  Familiarisation walk into town

Tuesday 22 July

Visit to Chitemo and Nyanilha: • Work on pre-schools construction, decoration • Activities with orphans and young children Wednesday 23 July Visit St Luke’s hospital, Agricultural research centre, local scouts (All in Mpwapwa)

Thursday 24 July

Visit to Chitemo and Nyanilha (Possibly overnight) • Work on pre-schools construction, decoration • Activities with orphans and young children Friday 25 July Farewell visit to Chitemo and Nyanila.

Saturday 26 July

Day visit to Dodoma, further activities with local scouts, possibly all together, perhaps Group B only. After visit: Group Bi (half of Group B):  Move into camp at Queen Esther’s school.

Sunday 27 July

Opportunity for anyone who wishes to attend morning service in All Saints Cathedral, Mpwapwa, and to work with the cathedral Sunday School after lunch Group Bii (other half of Group B):  Move into camp at Queen Esther’s school. Monday 28 July Split into small teams to be: • Service team – shopping, cooking, washing up, general site services. • Decorating girls dormitories • Teaching assistants with younger girls classes Walking round local hills  Clear and clean campsite so that only tents need to be packed away in the next morning. Tuesday 29 July Wednesday 30 July Thursday 31 July  

Friday 1 August

Very early start. Get on the buses at 7.00am after a coffee and after group B has transferred out of camp. Transfer to Hondo Hondo Tented Camp. Sleep on the way. Lunch at Tan Swiss in Mikumi Town.  Set up camp.   Campfire.


Saturday 2 August

Start early on the Mwanihanan trail hiking approx 15km to Njia Ya Panda campsite with full kit and food. Go with armed ranger for protection from beasts. Mark Hudson Ennan Mwendwa 

Sunday 3 August

Carry water only to summit Mwanihana, descend for lunch, then pick up all kit and hike back to Mazimu the ‘Sacred Space Campsite’.

Monday 4 August

Hike out of the Mwanihana forest early and transfer to Mikumi getting there at around 11.00 am to swap transport with Group 1. Enter the park around 11.30 am for camping in Mikumi with armed ranger for protection from beasts.

Tuesday 5 August

Stay in Mikumi camping in the park looking for lions and leopards etc with armed ranger for protection from beasts at night. Wednesday 6 August Do a morning game drive then swap transport with Group 3. Group 2 then returns to HH.

Thursday 7 August

Transfer to Magombera Swamp forest to hike the central loop looking for monkeys and Pels fishing owl, endemic chameleons etc., returning to HH for dinner and overnight. Friday 8 August Plant trees with children from the local school as part of the ‘A Tree for Me’ Project at HH.

Saturday 9 August

Visit the base of the spectacular 180m waterfall and then climbs to the top of Sanje Waterfall, have lunch on top of the rocks looking at the magnificent panorama of the Selous and go for a swim in the waterfall plunge pools.   The pool at the base and the third pool are suitable for swimming. There are also endemic African Violets (St Paulia Sp) growing in the spray Zones. Return to camp looking for primates along the way.   BIG campfire with local drumming group.

Sunday 10 August

Transfer to Dar.  Final expedition dinner at a rather fine Indian restaurant.  Transfer to the airport to catch the flight back departing at 0335 am (Monday morning).


Monday 11 August

Change planes in Istanbul. Arrive Gatwick 1425 (will feel like 1625). Home, bath and bed.