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Hand Axes LA come in slightly different sizes and weights, far too many to catalogue here. Axes seem to be damaged as fast as we can mend them, so the selection available is always changing. The Felling axes LBLE are listed individually as it is important to use the right felling axe for the right job by the right size of person.
The other tools are fairly self explanatory. There are more tools in the QM section, but these are primarily for equipment maintenance, and not normally lent out.

  • LA0 Axe, hand, various sizes
  • LB0 Axe,small felling,2.75lb
  • LC0 Axe, felling, 3.5lb
  • LD0 Axe, felling, 4lb
  • LE0 Axe, felling, 4.5lb
  • LF0 Hand Scythe
  • LG0 Hand Slasher
  • MB0 Saw, 21″
    MC0 Saw, 24″
  • ME0 Saw, 30″
  • MF0 Saw, 36″
  • MG1 Saw, two hand cross cut
  • MH0 Saw, Logging, 1 or 2 hand
  • NA0 Mallets, various
  • NB0 Small Mallets, various
  • ND0 Spades/Shovels, various
  • NE0 Sledgehammers, various
  • NF0 Auger
  • NG0 Pick Axes, various
  • NH0 Sacking, Various sizes. For pioneering & general protective uses
  • NI0 Gardening Implements, Various
  • NJ0 Altar Fire, 24″x15″x5″, with legs
  • NK0 Fire Grids, 28×28″
  • NL0 Fire Bars, 24″
  • NM0 Wedges, for splitting