Kandersteg ’98

In 1998 the Bears main summer camp was to Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland. This was a joint summer camp with 1st Orpington Scouts and the 2nd Orpington Scorpion Venture Unit so we could team together to make a better trip for all. Activities included Camping, International Friendship, Climbing, Walking, Staying overnight in Mountain Huts, Cheesary Visit, Trip to Thün and for the Older Ventures and Leaders a trip to climb an Alp, Hockenhorn at 3293m (10803ft).groupsteps

We camped on the Scout site on the Outskirts of Kandersteg Village, which is already at the height of Snowdon. All the equipment required was transported by Van or Car and Trailer or day packs were carried by train. From Kandersteg groups of Mixed Scouts went walking under supervision of either Leaders and/or Guides from the Scout Centre. Ventures attacked the more challenging Hike involving more High Mountain Huts and longer distance. This is not to say that the Scouts got off lightly. All the Scouts stayed overnight in a High Mountain Hut all of which were above 3000m and took a day of hard up hill walking to get to.


In addition to the Tim Leng and Dave Andrews, the following leaders helped on the Kandersteg Camp:

Nicky Jenkins – Instructor
Nicky Jenkins was a member of the Scorpion Venture Unit and has also helped us on other camps. She works for Barclays Bank.

Trevor Ludlow – Instructor
Trevor Ludlow has been involved with the 2nd Orpington for a number of years. He has in the past been Scorpion Venture Leader and is at present a Quarter Master. He also holds a District position.

Graham Seppings – Instructor
Graham Seppings was a Cub, Scout and Venture in the group. This was the second time he visited Kandersteg having been with the Scorpion Venture Unit a number of years ago. He is also a Group Quarter-Master and Fellowship rep.

Alex Leng
Alex is Tim’s son. He has helped his dad on many camps and now also is a warranted Assistant Beaver Leader. His other interests include Rugby, playing and coaching the ladies, as well a Cricket in the summer

Dave and Lorraine Fawlk
Dave and Lorraine are leaders from the 1st Orpington Scout Group. They have camped with us before and we have many joint activities with their Group. Dave has also been the 2nd Orpington Group Treasurer.

Dave Gasston
Dave Gasston is a helper at the 1st Orpington and joined us here for the second summer camp running.

Rachel Leng
Rachel is Tim’s daughter and has helped the Bears many times before.

Chris and Lorraine Lawrence
Chris and Lorraine have been involved with the 2nd and other groups in the district for many years. Both have held warrants and helped us at Kandersteg for one of the weeks we were there.

This is a copy of the programme we used at Kandersteg. You may find it interesting and useful to use yourself if you travel to Kandersteg. As some ground information, we took two vehicles, a hired large high top Transit van and a car and box trailer. These were driven by four leaders. The rest of the party travelled by Train. Once in Kandersteg we split into 3 groups for activities, the Younger group of about 15 mixed scouts, the older group of about 15 mixed scouts and a group of Ventures. Leaders were assigned to which ever group required their assistance that day.

  • Fri 14th Pick up van, Shopping, Load van and car at HQ
    Van and Car Departs 2030 Van and Car Departs Dover 2300
  • Sat 15th Van and Car arrives Ostend 0200
    Main Party – meet HQ 1030 – coach Dep 1100 – Arr Dover 1200 – Dep 1330
    Van and Car arrives Kandersteg 1600hrs
    Main Party – Arrive Ostend 1700 (Meal) – Dep 1944 Arr Brussels 2052 dep 2230
  • Sun 16th Main Party – Change Bern 0726 Arr Kandersteg 0830
    Set up Camp/Settle in
  • Mon 17th Discovery trail with other nationalities
    Walk up to Oeschinsee (1600m) for lunch/swim
  • Tues 18th Alpine cheesery (15)(Younger) 0730hrs (2300m) & Abseiling Group (15)(Older) 0830hrs
    Kandergames for Scouts & Kander challenge for Ventures
  • Wed 19th Dawn Hike(15)(Older) 0200 Continue on for day hike(2280m)
    (Younger) (15) Dep overnight stay at Frunden Hut 0900hrs (2560m)
  • Thur 20th (Older)(15) Group Dep overnight stay at Frunden Hut 0900hrs
    (Younger)(15) Group rtn via Oeschinensee
  • Fri 21st (Younger) Group rest day
    (Older) Group rtn via Doldernhorn hut 1920m
  • Sat 22nd Outing to Thun
  • Sun 23rd Volleyball comp 3 teams
    Scouts own
  • Mon 24th Dawn Hike (Younger)(15) 0200 hrs
    Alpine Cheesery (Older)(15) Allmenalp 0800hrs (1800m)
    Hockenhorn climb (Ventures)(11) 0830hrs (3300m)
    Hockenhorn group stay in Lochenpasse Hut (Ventures)(11)(3100m)
  • Tues 25th Abseiling (Younger)(15) 0830hrs
    Hockenhorn group rtns 1700hrs
    Kander games
  • Wed 26th Lotchenpass hike (Older)(15) 0730hrs (2678m) Rtn 1700hrs
    (Younger) optional hike to Blumisalp 2834m Dep 0800 rtn 1700hrs
  • Thur 27th Rafting (38) Dep 0830hrs
    International barbecue 1900-2100hrs
  • Fri 28th Pack up – load vans
    Move into chalet for night Meal at Chalet
  • Sat 29th Van and Car departs 1100hrs
    Main Group – Present shopping/swimming in Kandersteg – Meal Chalet
    Main Group – Departs 2058hrs – Change Bern 2200hrs
  • Sun 30th Van and Car – arrive home 0300hrs
    Group Arrive Brussels 0645 – Group Departs 0708 – Group Arrive Ostend 0816 (Meal) Departs 1130
    Arrives Dover 1245
    Arrives Orpington 1500hrs
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